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Workforce Development

J&G Consulting, LLC, is a leader in workforce development training programs with over 50 years of experience in working with disadvantaged populations. Our expertise in developing effective training and employment programs for our most vulnerable populations: ones that are hard to reach due to social, legal, physiological, and structured barriers is well documented.

Our industry professionals focus on delivering the best possible grouping of personnel, training, systems and technology. At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to empathy, insight, application, quality and integrity.

Your objectives, needs, and your expectations drive what we do. You will find that we are rigorous in the approach we take in understanding what you want to achieve – both in terms of the learning and in terms of development process of your valued employees and of business and organization goals. We exhibit that same rigor in the design and delivery of high impact, practical, and participant engaging programs and courses.

Our expertise extends not only to the design and development of workforce development training programs but also to the delivery of the training.

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Through utilization of a customized designed database each participant will be assessed and a comprehensive Individual Development Plan will be developed.

Our experienced Employment Support Specialist will work with each participant to ensure their successful job placement. J&G Consulting, LLC actively pursues employers and interest in the employments process by ensuring a quality client that will be an excellent employee, a positive benefit and asset to any company.

Through our active advocacy with local construction companies, developers, food services establishments and other businesses we will be able to offer a job coach to each participant.

The directive of the job coach is to communicate with the participants to ensure that each participant will be given the opportunity for placement. Our number one goal is for every participant to have a full time permanent job!

Assist our participants through productive group sessions to help them grow from self-awareness to behavior change. Increase self-knowledge to help participants discover what is important and allow them to accept responsibility for their actions. Translate this newfound knowledge into a compelling vision and work with participants to help manifest this vision. Provide participants with training in the following areas of critical life skills: social skills (coping mechanics, anger management, conflict resolution) decision-making skills (business communication, problem-solving, time management) employability skills (appropriate attire, proper attitude, chain-of-command recognition , resume prep) finance skills (banking methods, credit management, financial sustainability)

Our Construction Trades Training programs are designed to assist the at risk population of adult men and women gain the skills needed to be successfully employed in the building and construction industries.

Skills training we offer:

  • Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Concrete pouring and finishing
  • Demolition & Excavation
  • Drywall
  • Painting
  • Window Installation
  • Insulation
  • OSHA Safety Certification
  • Lead Abatement License
  • Asbestos Abatement license

We combine our Technical skills with “Empowerment skills” which are referred to as life, core and essential skills and key competencies, Our Goal is to provide Training that will not only provide employment but allow individuals to progress and achieve their personal goals in the work environment and community.