Contractors & Construction Managers Since 1985

About J&G Consulting


J&G Consulting Services, LLC is a minority owned independent consulting firm with over 30 years of experience. Since 1980 we have successfully provided our clients with innovative solutions in commercial and residential development, workforce reentry training, employment skills development, Church development consulting, Church Security consulting, and section 3 consulting.

J&G Consulting Strives

To provide the highest quality advice and counsel - Our years of experience allow us to understand the high standards required and then exceed them.
To deliver our approach to analyzing and solving development issues. Our experts and consultants deliver practical and sustainable development solutions tailored to the environment and the client’s requirements, respecting and getting the most efficient use from project resources.
To base our recommendations on current market data, analysis and our extensive business expertise, allowing our clients to make quick, smart business decision.
To be responsive to our clients – to listen and react immediately when our clients need our expertise or assistance.