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church development

For more than 23 years, CEO JD Young has worked, trained and taught both investigations and protection for law enforcement and private security, He has gained a vast and diverse knowledge of expertise and preparedness by using integrated security approaches learned from years of experience with some of the best government agencies and local law enforcement in the country... read more

workforce development

J&G Consulting, LLC, is a leader in workforce development training programs with over 50 years of experience in working with disadvantaged populations. Our expertise in developing effective training and employment programs for our most vulnerable populations—ones that are hard to reach due to social, legal, physiological, and structured barriers is well documented... read more

business consulting

J&G Consulting, LLC provide the highest quality advice and counsel - Our years of experience allow us to understand the high standards required and then exceed them. We deliver our approach to analyzing and solving development issues. Our experts and consultants deliver practical and sustainable development solutions tailored to the environment and the client’s requirements, ... read more